Rabu, 29 Juni 2011

Looking For Alternate choice Remedy Which Will Help You Sleep Much better? Reiki Healing Exercise

Believe suffering from insomnia? Do you will find difficult to Sleep and are
tossing and turning most of the time in bed? Are you done with popping sleeping
pills without avail? Maybe you have tried Reiki Healing?

With the help of
Reiki you can create use of on the job healing techniques to Remedy your Sleep

People who curently have done their Reiki Master Certification
must be aware of this Reiki healing method. The mediocre who are newcomers to
Reiki will greatly make use of this Exercise which will help make up lost Sleep
and replenish the levels.

Take off short while each day to do this self
help Exercise to get back to your normal Sleep routine and Sleep well

1. It is possible to perform this Exercise in the afternoon within
your siesta time or during night Sleep time. Lie down on your back or working
for you whichever is comfortable.

2. Place one hand on your forehead and
another on your stomach. Notice your breath when you breathe. Pay care about
your abdomen rise up and go down, swelling up when you breathe in and getting
compressed when you breathe out.

3. Keep lying down in this position for
10 to 15 minutes. For this Exercise to succeed you must focus your attention as
detailed in 2. Only then are you able to relax and gradually drift off to

If done regularly, this Exercise will greatly aid in restoring
your normal Sleep pattern. Over a period it will Remedy your insomnia and you
will be able to enjoy a good nights rest every day.

Reiki healing
provides several such simple exercises that will help you overcome many ailments
easily. In the long run it will be beneficial so that you can make these a part
of you daily routine.

Similar to most of you I too was unaware of the
magical powers of Reiki healing. That has been till I chanced upon a Reiki

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